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Upper Road, Fox Hill Down, Guston reserved footpath

These documents record the reservation of a footpath when Upper Road was diverted to a gentler ascent of Fox Hill Down in 1955. Upper Road used to climb Fox Hill Down slightly north of due east from the present crossing of Jubilee Way. Between the first and second world war, the War Office, which had extensive holdings on the downs, extended the existing road to the prison on the down to create a more gently graded road to the summit of Upper Road.

But it was not until after the second world war that the highway authority was prepared to assume responsibility for maintenance of the new road, and to cease maintenance of the old road. In 1954, it was agreed to make application to the magistrates' court to divert Upper Road to the War Office alignment (although it is unclear whether the new route was already in use by that time, and the documents are ambiguous whether the old road is being stopped up or diverted). The old road was stopped up by order of the magistrates — but with the reservation of a footpath. The footpath was not recorded on the definitive map of public rights of way.

Download the Upper Road magistrates' court order (2MB) and order map (1.5MB).

Status: pending

Page last updated: 12 May 2017

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