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Ratling Street/Gore Lane restricted byway: from Ratling Road to Cooting Downs via South Peak Corner

Park pale

Park pale (left) along the application way near Timberswell

This application was made on behalf of the British Horse Society to Kent County Council under section 53(5) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 on 11 January 2021 to record a restricted byway from Ratling Road at Timberwell, southwest to South Peak Corner on the Adisham Road, then continuing southwest to the junction of bridleways CB200 and CB199A. The way is currently recorded as public footpaths EE286A and CB526.

Download the application historical document analysis (24MB), reduced file size (3MB).

Status: application made on 11 January 2021, acknowledged by Kent County Council on 13 January 2021, and recorded in its register of applications as claim PROW/CC-DO/C469; likely to be reviewed in 2025.

Page last updated: 17 March 2021

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