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Byway open to all traffic/bridleway at Pettock's Lane, Staple, Kent

Little Twitham Farm cottage

Little Twitham Farm cottage on Pettocks Lane

This application was made to Kent County Council under section 53(5) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 on 19 March 2017 to modify the definitive map and statement for the county of Kent to record a part-byway open to all traffic (BOAT) and a part-bridleway along Pettock's Lane, from Staple Road south to join with the junction of public bridleways EE269A and EE28 on Twitham Hill west of Crixhall Court. The BOAT extends from Staple Road as far as Twitham Farm cottage, and the bridleway from there to Twitham Hill.

Download the application document analysis (30MB); reduced file size (4MB), v.1.22.

Status: application made on 19 March 2017, acknowledged by Kent County Council on 3 April 2017, and recorded in its register of applications as claim 391; likely to be reviewed in 2020.

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