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Black Lane, Knowlton (Kent)

View west from Pike Road

View west along Black Lane from Venson Bottom. Black Lane follows the headland, although historically, joined the road along Venson Bottom roughly from where the photograph is taken. Upper Venson, or Poor Start, Farm lay in the trees beyond the electricity pylon: it was demolished after the IIWW. The Ramsgate, Sandwich, Deal and Dover Railway was planned in 1861 to cross this downland a little below the line of the electricity transmission line, but was never built.

This application on behalf of the British Horse Society was made to Kent County Council under section 53(5) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 on 12 April 2015 to modify the definitive map and statement for the county of Kent by adding a restricted byway known as Black Lane between Knowlton church and Betteshanger.

Download the application document analysis (82MB); reduced file size (7MB), v.1.7.

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Status: application made on 12 April 2015, acknowledged by Kent on 22 April 2015 and recorded in its register of applications as claim 367: likely to be reviewed in early 2018.

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